7 Biting Questions for Jamie Fraser’s BFF

May 15, 2016

Photo: Outlander Starz

MAN-EATER OR SQUISHY STALLION? Meet DONAS THE HORSE: Part I of a Conversation about His Young life, Sam Heughan’s Digestion and Stallion Diets

Clarence speaking Edited by Clarence the Mule:I took out the gross parts, like “evisceration” and “death throes”) 

  1. So Donas, you seem to be in a “good” <cough> mood this morning. What did you have for breakfast?

Let’s see … I had a nice hot bran mash, a few apples and a vet finger (tenderized).

2. What is your favorite song?

I Like Big Butts (And I Cannot Liiieee)

Clarence speaking Right down there is my favorite picture of YOUR big butt, Cousin Donas … See, yer good from all angles!

jamie donas claire
Photo: Outlander Starz

3. Two can play at this game, Donas: Your coat is shiny but your teeth are looong … So, just how old are you in dog years?

Human, we noble horses don’t go by those stupid dog years. I’m 10 years old and I act like it 😉

4. Have you ever had a nickname (that you can repeat, anyway)?

Um … I’m usually the bully GIVING the nicknames, silly human … Your nickname is now Silly … But between you and me, my mum did call me precious!

5. Where did you grow up, Precious?

Ye wee numpty … Scotland … Hello?!?!? <shakes head & rolls eyes> Silly is an apt name for you.

6. I will consider that name a compliment coming from you. So, Donas, some horses like trotting, piaffe or galloping. What is your favorite gait?


7. What is your most interesting Outlander “two-truths-and-a-lie”? (And what’s the lie?)

(a) Sam Heughan farts. A lot.

(Just don’t…)

(b) Caitriona Balfe smells good, for a human.

(c) I once bit Ron Moore and that’s why my TV role is small.

LIE – Ok, Sam doesn’t fart … but he tells bad jokes.

And that means it’s break time.  To be continued …

Read Part 2 HERE.

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