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August 7, 2016




“…he looked vaguely like a cross between a poodle and a dachshund, with a rough, kinky coat whose fringes fluttered along the edges of a wide belly and stumpy bowed legs.”

Dragonfly In Amber, Diana Gabaldon

“Scamp” from Outlander Starz Season 2 looks to be a Border-Cairn terrier sort of mix. What kind of dog are you in real life @Bouton_Barks? Your age?

Poodle mix. My mother was poodle but my father was a scoundrel dachshund mix who ‘aimer et laisser em’ or ‘love and leave em’.  He was a very virile pooch. I have brothers and sisters all over the world. But my mother was wonderful. Age is but a number, especially when we are talking dog years vs human years. I’m either young or old depending on how you look at it.  I settle on the fact that my soul is older and wiser than my years.

Why the field of medicine?

I was born a gifted scenting dog. Mother Hilde recognized my ability right away, so schooling was not required. But I do read journals and articles to keep up to date on all the latest diseases.

Did you like “Scamp’s” portrayal of you in the Starz series? 

I thought casting of my character was perfect, as all of Outlander casting has been. Of course, I would have liked to have seen more screen time, but Scamp made the most of his limited opportunity.

 You are known for your compassion, but how did a dog like you come to help write this handsome cookbook for charity?


Cooklander began as the brainchild of Debra McGill. She had the idea to create a cookbook filled with recipes from Outlander fans and those connected with the Starz show and Diana’s book, with all the proceeds going to the three charities supported by actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, and author Diana Gabaldon (Bloodwise, World Child Cancer and NPH USA, respectively). I got involved because Debra asked if I would help. It was a great idea, a great cause and I love a good cookbook. So I jumped on board with the group to help create this project.

The cookbook committee worked for nearly nine months to solicit recipes, type them up and edit the cookbook. Everyone explained what we were trying to do and asked people to help. Debra’s original goal had been 200 recipes. When we approached 400 recipes, we realized what a gem of a cookbook this was going to be. EVERYONE contributed their best, most requested or tried-and-true favorite family recipe, so this book was filled with only THE BEST of the best recipes. When we finally stopped at 550 recipes, we had every continent contributing, except Antarctica, with nearly 300 contributors and almost 75 celebrity, cast/crew recipes.

We wanted this cookbook to be beautiful, so we created artwork to make it visually stunning. We opted for a heavy duty, three-ring binder so this cookbook will last for generations to come. Everyone who has bought one is amazed. They expected a good cookbook for the price–since all the proceeds were going to charity–but what they got was an exceptional, knock-your-socks-off cookbook that also  happens to raise money for three amazing charities!

“Today I really need to contact you! I got the book! It is fantastic! I didn’t know what to expect, but this is such a handsome treasure chest of goodness. Well done! Well done! I can’t begin to imagine the work that has gone into this.”

Gary Lewis (Colum MacKenzie in the Outlander TV series)


This truly is for anyone who loves good food, Outlander or cookbooks. Because it’s such a great resource cookbook, it also makes a great gift for those starting out to college, a new life, weddings, or just for those needing some great new recipes. We’ve sold 40% of our books (almost 1100 books), but to reach our goal of donating $45,000 to charity, we still have more to go. (There is a special rate for buying multipacks shipped to the same address). The holidays will be here in no time, so support your Outlander family and buy your cookbook today at

As for you, Pup, What is your favorite treat in Cooklander? Which nun sneaks you the most treats? 

I love my gingerman cookie, always been a weakness of mine. Mother Hilde bakes the best. She has the kindest heart and sneaks me the most things. But anyone trying to get on my good side knows that is through my stomach.


Who are your three best friends?

Studley, Studley, and Studley (yes, he bribed me with treats) plus Clarence, Donas, Rollo, Adso, the Coos … and even the white sow when she’s not in a dark funk.

How did you find Mother Hildegarde? 

She found me in Paris. Her previous helper had decided to focus on her family so Mother was actively looking for an assistant when she heard about me from Master Raymond. I had been working with him to check the authenticity of products.  You would be amazed at what people tried to sell him as authentic Colchicum!


Aside from you, what is your favorite thing about Outlander?

Meeting Outlander friends from all over the world.


Seems “Bouton” translates to “compassion” for all …








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