7 (More) Biting Questions for Jamie Fraser’s BFF, Part II

May 26, 2016

MAN-EATER OR SQUISHY STALLION? MEET DONAS THE HORSE: Part II of our conversation about battles, Black Jack Randall and rookie mistakes

(Edited by Clarence the Mule) Clarence speaking:I took out the gross parts, like “evisceration” and “death throes”)

Continuing …

  1. I understand food is the second most important “dish” to a stallion. What is the best meal you’ve ever had, Donas?

Farrier hindquarters are tasty … but as with fingers, veterinarian arms need to be tenderized before eating. Little bairns are tempting, but there’s usually a penalty for that – like lots of humans screaming and then you miss a meal for some reason (which I don’t care for).

2. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

Hmmmm … An inexperienced farrier’s hindquarter 😉  Nah. I once stole a big bag of red apples, ran away and ate them all – that was a good day.

3. Perhaps we will leave the farriers/horseshoers alone for a minute here. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Well, I’ve never been anywhere but Scotland, but I’ve heard about this place called Kentucky where the males eat, sleep, and mate all day if you win races. I like how that sounds – Sign me up!!


4. What scares you most, besides a veterinarian with tranquilizer, an emasculator, and a determined look in her eye?

Not much scares me anymore but I don’t care much for lightning.

Clarence speaking Ooo! Lightning to the head’s nothing compared to those emasculators, Donas. It’s a hurt you never forget! Trust old Clar, ’cause I know. Run! Run like a river to that there big blue ocean!!!

5. Donas, battles seem to go forever. What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep?

Ugh, I know! A couple days I think. I once bit this guy’s face off in battle! Yeah I got more food that night …

6. And yet more biting! Focus, Donas. Who is your favorite human? Your least-favorite human?

Favorite – Jamie

Least favorite – BJR (If Jamie was really smart, he’d ride me in battle against BJR and I could do the face thingy again).

7. Speaking of Black Jack Randall, what would you say to the Wentworth coos?

Pretty cool escape tactics guys but you should’ve checked to make sure BJR was really dead. Rookie mistake coos <frowns> Rookies!!!

Clarence speaking Yer making me hungry. Donas, can we go eat? 

To be continued …

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