Welcome to Outlander Animals

May 15, 2016

Welcome to the barking, braying, mewing, and cooing world of the Outlander Animals crew from the bestselling Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon. This happy space examines the rich “critter culture” that is so much a part of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander world, both in her books and the resulting Outlander Starz television series.

As avid readers and viewers of the Outlander books and Starz series, we all know that “Dr. G”, as our assistant editor Clarence the Mule calls her, kens her animals better than most. We see it in the way she breathes life into the 2- and 4-legged, finned, and occasionally no-footed animals who gallop (or bellycrawl) off the pages and screen to take up residence in our hearts. But though I love everything Outlander, I do not have an affiliation with the Outlander Starz production, nor with Diana Gabaldon. We are grateful for use of the original material and photos from the books and television series, which belong to their creators and will be credited as such.

Please join Clarence (Clarence’s comments are noted with a  Clarence speaking) and me as we delve into the books and go behind the scenes of all that is Outlander Animals to meet the experts, artisans, trainers, and, of course, the many animals who populate the magical sphere that is Diana Gabaldon’s fictional universe.


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